Secret of Singing Springs - a Novel

Monte's 1st Novel

Monte always loves telling stories. This story threads many of his stories throughout the book, along with some historic stories, which includes some of Karey's family history surrounding us. But this story started with an ax . . .

Travis found a very old ax down by some springs on our property and brought it up to the house to show us. Monte was inspired to create a Treasure Hunt. He drew out a map on an old piece of leather and cut it up. The pieces were put in old junk we found at antique stores and stuff we've collected that sits around our house. We'd invited some of their friends over to play and Monte suggested they go dig around some more where Travis had found the ax. Clues led them all over our property . . .

The dirt road we live on is a mile long and we named the road - Singing Springs.

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True To You - Our Music

Monte's and My Music Album

We recorded two albums years ago! - about 20 years ago? Monte wrote the music. Our friend Jerry Nelson wrote the piano arrangements for the 1st album and we recorded it at his studio. This album has most of the songs from that album and some from our second album. All in one place!

Our children help sing on some of the songs. I still tear up hearing our now 24 year old Dawson singing "Daddy What is Her Name" when 4 years old!

The Link will take you to Noisetrade web site. It's where you can get the free download. It does have a donation link if you would like to let us make a bit-o-cash. But no pressure. You can even listen to each song before you choose to download.

Hearth & Home

My Cookbook

I wrote Hearth & Home in 1995. In the home school arena there was a gal who had a national newsletter, mailing out monthly to subscribers. She asked me to do some articles. What she really wanted - as we were becoming long-distant friends - was for me to write a cookbook! She knew my starting out with articles would start the process, having various chapter topics begun, for a book.

I cook from Scratch. When I got married I did not know how to cook. The process of learning to cook had me questioning, "How did they make . . . Before Jello, Instant Puddings, Cake Mixes, etc? I didn't want to use Cream of Chicken or Mushroom soup cans called for in a lot of recipes - so how to improvise. I even have a recipe for Blooming Dirt Dessert totally made from scratch!

What most people use the book for is bread making. I've been grinding my own flours from grains for thirty years. So it's a how-to for using your home ground flours in recipes. People like my stocking the pantry and cooking tips sections. I talk about thinking "Whole". I chat around the recipes and a lot in the book's back chapters. There's no pictures - it was back in the era of clip art software.

Nutritionally, things have changed a lot in twenty years. In this 8th edition I've added a forward to where I'm at now. My blog tells you all that too. My book does have some "low fat" talk - but moreso has you evaluate what kinds of fat. I said (and still do) use mainly olive oil and butter. Stay away from partially hydrogenated anything and high fructose corn syrup products.

The Back of the Book tho new ISBN# and printer
2 Forwards
Homemade Health
Breakfast Anyone?!!!
Breads & Ladies
Dinner or Supper?
Soups & Stocks
Beans & Burgers
Pies & Sweet somethings
Cooking Tips & Pantry Stocking
Common Sense Nutrition
Gardening & Bringing in the Harvest
Homemade Soap
Recipes For Life
The Art of Life
Thought Food For the Future
Unconventional Bibliography

This is the "classic" Hearth & Home. Years ago a friend did some re-formating of it, adding it to his Healthy Living Press books, and you'll find it on Amazon as a much cheaper book. It is cheaper - cheaper quality: it's smaller, white thin paper pages, shiny cover . . . It doesn't have the old-fashioned feel I created the book to be. Don't know what the future will be. If his format is print-on-demand type, I'll probably have him stop, let him keep the eBook format, and me have the original presence on Amazon, as of old. It IS MY book! It is around $25.

Romancing Your Child's Heart

Monte's Book

Originally, Monte and me shared in the writing of this book. After all, it is how we raised our children. But it became apparent after awhile that it would be better if he just wrote the book. Monte actually sat side-by-side a lot with his editor as they condensed his 700+ pages into a readable book.

It's not a discipline/ training book. It builds upon those books, because they are needed for the process of parenting (shown in his illustration of the arch with the "romance" keystone). This book is based on relationships. Here you'll find the courage and passion to win your child's heart for God - a wooing process. It's around $13.

Manual for Romancing Your Child's Heart

Romancing Your Child's Heart Manual used to be in print, but now it's an eBook. I don't have a picture handy, but it's bigger than the book and has the same cover image excepting it says MANUAL in the bottom right corner.

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